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At your difficult time, it's important to know that the firm you are choosing represents the highest of standards and professionalism. By the very nature of their association with ODFSA, they have shown their deep compassion towards attaining the highest standards for their families and communities. Their constant dedication to keeping themselves up to date on all of the latest legislative, consumer protection, advanced learning and caring practices is why you can choose an ODFSA Member firm with confidence.

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Strength in Membership

The strength in membership comes in the form of strength in numbers. ODFSA represents a coalition of professional family owned funeral homes who believe that a solid future for funeral service is based on the collective insight and dedication from caring professionals. This unified voice helps to shape and provide the professional standards that families and communities count on in their time of need.

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Dedicated to
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pursuit of
excellence in
funeral service.

Celebrating our 91st year in 2019 



Welcome to the Ottawa District Funeral Service Association website. The Ottawa District Funeral Service Association represents funeral directors, funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral service professionals in Ontario. We provide information and resources on how to become a funeral professional, and consumer information about funerals and choosing a funeral home wisely.

As a proud and committed Association, we are here to continue to promote funeral excellence through a network of funeral care professionals. The Ottawa District Funeral Service Association works closely with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario to help ensure that the high standards for the people of Ontario are met. Our commitment and dedication has led Ontario funeral services to have the highest standards found anywhere in the world.

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